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Max Leone

Why is it that no matter how far I set myself to go in life, from close range, every destination seems like a new starting point?​

Because your potential is like the horizon.

It expands as you move towards it.

Max Leone 

(From "Daily Tips for Success & Fulfillment")


Max Leone is a professional speaker who has been involved in the personal growth field for more than ten years.


In 2019 Max Leone was the only coach invited to talk as a special keynote speaker at the 26th European Neurology Conference in Madrid on the topic of Motivation. 


In 2020, he has spoken at the Child Neurology Conference in Venice, and at the European Neurology Conference in Barcelona, Rome, and Berlin.

Full Final Daily Tips for Success & Fulf
My Book

This book is a collection of 365 quotas.

One for each day of the year. A selection of empowering ideas that will allow you to face the challenges of our time.


They are divided into twelve topics of explorationone for each month:

Love & Relationships - Happiness - Meaning; Fear & Courage - Choice; Purpose - Self-worth - Present Past & Future - Spirituality.

These ideas can inspire you to become the best version of yourself!


For many of us, The word "success” is associated with being better than somebody else, beating other people, etc.

What happens is that because of these unconscious associations, we end up being resistant to the idea of success, thinking that it is not a good thing and that we are not really into it.


The truth is that success has nothing to do with all the above. Success is a commitment to becoming the best we can be, expressing our full potential.

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