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When you allow yourself to be all that you can be 

you allow Life to be all that it can be

through YOU

Max Leone 

(From "Daily Tips for Success & Fulfillment")

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There was a time when I thought that "being myself" was the most important thing to accomplish in life.

Then I realize that there is something more important than that, which is to CHOOSE who you want to be, and to move CONSCIOUSLY in that direction...

Step one, is a pro...

Ultimately, we are all on the same journey in life. A journey into trust.

The trust that who we are is enough. That what we are passionate about is worth sharing. And that who we are deserves the kind of life we want for ourselves.

Each of us from our unique perspective.


Happiness is about using this moment to be exactly who you are.

In fact, what can be more beautiful than this moment if you use it as an opportunity to express yourself even in the simplest way?

And when that becomes your habitual attitude, you don’t have to wait anymore...