"This workshop will be available for four days starting from the date and time featured on the Meetup, allowing you to go through it at the time that suits you best! Your link to access the workshop will be sent to you (upon registration) via email on the day of the workshop"


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In this workshop, I will help you identify what you want, and then teach you how to create an action plan to make it a reality. I will provide you with a powerful strategy that has proven to be highly effective. In particular, you will learn how to:

  • Identify specific, achievable goals that inspire you

  • Form a detailed, actionable short & long-term plan

  • Preprioritize monthly and weekly what needs to be done

  • Know exactly the action steps you need to take at any given moment

  • Stay motivated and along your journey to achieve your goals

  • Keep yourself accountable!

If you want to set up a system to create the life you want, this workshop is for you!

Workshop Guidlines

  • Before you start, make sure you download all the PDF files that you see below. You will need them when Max asks you to do an exercise.

  • When you are asked to do an exercise, pause the seminar, open the pdf file corresponding to the exercise, and take your time to finish your assignment. Then, resume the seminar only when you have finished. 

  • If you are not sure about what you are asked to do, you should listen to the explanation again, before you do the assignment.

Smart Goals.pdf
My Vision.pdf
Monthly Check-in.pdf
Long Term Goals.pdf
Monthly Plan.pdf
Weekly Plan.pdf
Why I Want It.pdf
60-day Plan.pdf
Weekly Template.pdf
Daily Plan.pdf
(To Download the PDF files, just click on the PDF icons)