"If you speak from the heart and you are authentic, people will always connect to your messge" - Max Leone


From the Heart


All our troubles originate from a spelling mistake.

We don't live on planet “Eart(H),” we live on planet “(H)eart.” 

And the journey of that "H" from the end of the word (Eart-H) to the beginning of that word (H-eart)

is what our life is about.

Max Leone

(From "Daily Tips for Success & Fulfillment")



Passion, Knowledge, and a Good Sense of Humour


Max Leone is a passionate speaker who will both entertain and inspire your audience.

He loves working with groups of all size engaging and challenging people with his inspirational and thought-provoking ideas.

He is known on stage for his all-Italian passion, sense of humor, and spontaneity which make it easier for people to understand and retain the information he delivers during his content-rich seminars & keynotes.

He delivers presentations on a variety of subjects, which include Confidence, Goal-setting, NLP, Communication skills, and more.


A Sample of His Speeches



How To Use The Brain To Motivate Yourself


Max Leone will teach you the key principles and habits that you need to implement to make sure you will always have plenty of motivation to pursue worthwhile goals. He will also offer you practical tools to do the opposite, such as draining power from things that you want that don’t add any value to your life. So that they no longer control you by holding you back.

In simple words, he will teach you how to become the master of your desires, so that you will be able to choose consciously where to invest your energy and be sure that your motivation will always be aligned with your choices.



Magical Patterns: The powerful use of language that generates change
"You will learn simple and yet powerful language patterns that have the power to transform limiting beliefs, boost your communication, create possibilities, and give creative power to your ideas.
At the end of the workshop, you will leave with a language "toolkit" that can literally transform the quality of your interactions."
"This is an evening on the magical use of language based on the principles and distinctions of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that will allow you to generate change in yourself as well as in others."
The Superhero YOU: Journey to the Expression of the Authentic Self 
We are all here on the same mission, sharing the same adventure: To discover our true self by following our inclinations/passion and then create a life that reflects what we have discovered.
All of that while having a positive impact on the life of others, who are also on the same mission/journey from their own unique perspective. If we manage to accomplish that mission, all rewards, materials and otherwise, will come to us.
The essence of the hero's journey is: What is the deepest life you are called to? How can you respond to that call?
How to Master Confidence
Confidence is not something that some people are born with, and others will never have. It is the inevitable result of using your thought process in a specific way that produces resourceful states.
Wouldn't it be great if you could automatically go into your confident and resourceful states any time you want?
Through a series of simple, and yet powerful techniques, you will learn how to cultivate a healthy sense of confidence that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Conscious Success: From Struggling to Thriving
From being the best one to being your best self.
From the ambition to outperform other people to the ambition to express your full potential.
From competing AGAINST others to cooperating WITH others.
From seeking external validation to pursuing success from the inside out.
Conscious Success is about planting the right seeds. Because, if we then cultivate and nurture them, they gently and steadily lead to massive levels of satisfaction.
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