How To Motivate Yourself

To Thrive

During Tough Times

Learn to Motivate Yourself and Overcome Procrastination Once and For All!

If you have been held back in creating the life that you want because you tend to put things off, then it is time to get over it! 

During this workshop:

  • I will share with you powerful exercises that you can use so  that never again you will lack motivaton when it's time to pursue what really matters to you.

  • We will talk about the power of beliefs and I will help you identify limiting beliefs and get rid of them!

  • We will identify your core values and I will teach you how to leverage them to always feel motivated.

  • You will learn about the most powerful motivational drives and which are the ones that you should use according to your personality type.

  • And much, much more...

Who this course is for:

Business owners, entrepreneurs, employees, managers, executives, leaders, etc. - Anyone who needs to get themselves moving and do what they know they need to do!

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Seminar Guidlines

  • In order to get the best out of this workshop, we suggest going for the entire experience without any interruption.

  • In particular, it is essential to do the exercises when you are asked to do them. If you chose to listen to the entire seminar first, and later do the exercises, you would reduce the effect of this experience significantly. 

  • When it is time to do an exercise, make sure you have understood what you are asked to do. If you are not sure, listen to the explanation again, before you go ahead and do them.

  • After you have gone through the whole experience once, you can then go back to any part of it, without needing to follow any specific order.

  • The entire experience, including the exercises, should take approximately two hours. And believe me, it is well worth your time:-)!