January 23, 2018

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Happiness is about using this moment to be exactly who you are.

In fact, what can be more beautiful than this moment if you use it as an opportunity to...

The number one key to Happiness...

January 25, 2018

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On choosing your Food and your Partner

January 23, 2018

When it comes to choosing our FOOD and our PARTNERS, our decision process presents some interesting similarities.


In fact, some people see a delicious cake or another “yummy” food, and they decide that that’s what they want, no matter what’s inside. Even if that meal won’t really nurture them and won’t give them what their body needs.

They base their choice on appearance and “appealing,” hoping (at best) that what’s inside will not harm their health.


Other people get first clear on what their body needs, and on taking the right nutrients, and then, within that frame, they choose the food that is most appealing to them.

In other words, what’s inside is the main criteria, and then, with that firmly in mind, they look for the food they like the most.


The same is true about choosing a partner.


Some focus on the look and attraction, and then, on the basis of that, they decide who they want. Even if that person won’t nurture their soul. Even if they become a “lesser” version of themselves in their presence.

They go for the look/attraction hoping they’ll get by with the personality of that potential partner.


Others decide first the type of person they need to be with, making sure there will be mutual respect, soul-nurturing, and growth. And then, within that frame, they go for the person they feel most attracted to.


You can be sure that if you choose the second criteria over the first, with regards to food and partners, you will find yourself to be much healthier and involved in incredibly satisfying, soul-nurturing relationships! 


(From "Daily Tips for Success & Fulfillment" - By Max Leone)