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There are two major moments in every person's life: One is when we are given the gift of life.

The other one is when we give full meaning to that gift by devoting our life to the creation of something meaningful to us.

Something that reflects the essence of who we are. 

And that's when we give life to our life.

Max Leone

(From "Daily Tips for Success & Fulfillment")

What is the real meaning of the word "SUCCESS"

Max Leone Spaker, Coach and Author

The word "success” for many of us is associated with being better than somebody else, beating other people, being superior to another person.

What happens is that because of these unconscious associations, we end up being resistant to the idea of success, thinking that it's a bad thing and that we are not really into it.


The truth is that success has nothing to do with all the above.

Success is simply a commitment to become the best we can be expressing our full potential.

It has nothing to do with “them" and everything to do with becoming all that we can be.


And if others are involved, people you may look at as “competitors," at a deeper level (regardless of their intentions) they are simply there to inspire you to express more and more of what you are by offering the opportunity to see, through their example, what can be accomplished. So as to inspire you to do as much and beyond.


Thus, you can be spiritual and successful (if that is your concern).

In fact, a commitment to excellence, which is a commitment to express yourself to the fullest, is at the core of the spiritual experience.

True "SUCCESS" is for the benefit of all.

A healthy ambition to succeed is the reflection of Life’s ambition to find full expression through you.


And the desire to excel, to become the best at what we do, which is embodied in the human experience, at a deeper level, is not driven by the desire to be better than others.


It is generated by Life’s desire to reach heights never achieved before through any other fellow human. And to get there through you.

Max Leone Spaker, Coach and Author


"I have always wanted to do what I love (coaching, trainings), just like Max does, and yet, I didn’t seem to have the ability, the mindset, to develop the business side of my calling. On top of that, I had strong, negative unconscious associations linked to the idea of money, and charging my clients.

With Max I clearly understood that you can be spiritual and successful. That you can serve others better if you are financially independent and even wealthy.

Now my devotion to helping others, and my desire to be financially prosperous are moving in the same direction! - Mirko, Cork


"Max is an inexhaustible source of motivation, enthusiasm and passion. I highly recommend working with him!" - Anita, Wroclaw


"Max managed to bring to the surface the real ME, and because of that, I have found the love of my life. My amazing Man! - Maria, Copenaghen

“My issue has always been procrastination, luck of self-discipline. I already knew what I wanted to do but I luck motivation and the ability to act on my dreams with consistency.

After working on my values, mission and goals I made it so, as Max said, that “my actions are now the eco of my words”. (almost…).

Anyway, it is so empowering to re-aligh your thoughts with your

deeds. The work we did with Max was priceless.” - Alberto, Dublin

"Working with Max was a blessing. His overwhelming Italian passion and ability to listen unlocked something within me. I was in a stage in life where I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and I was looking for a renewed sense of purpose.

He managed to get through my confusion and self-doubt, allowing me to re-connect with the calling I felt when I was a child. Now my life really feels like my LIFE and I have a great sense of gratitude.

Thank you, Max, from the bottom of my heart!" - Alicia, Rotterdam

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