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It's time to replace the question "How long have you been together?" with "How deep have you been together?"

Because relationships are not "measured" in length.

They are measured in depth.

Max Leone

(From "Daily Tips for Success & Fulfillment")

365 Daily Reflections to Understand Everything

You Need to Know in all Key Areas of Life


 Purpose, Choice and Clarity

Present, Past, and Future

Happiness and Meaning.

Love & Relationships

Facing Challenges

Fear, and Courage




An Open Conversation Between You and Your Soul

What This Book Is About, And What It Can Do For You


Have you ever had one of those moments when you suddenly get a sense of absolute knowing and clarity about a matter you have been feeling confused and uncertain about for a while?


It can happen when you are contemplating the scenery, or when you are involved in something that brings in you a sense of harmony
Sometimes it happens in the morning when you first open your eyes and your mind is still calm, or in the middle of the night when a new inspiring idea suddenly wakes you up.


On these occasions, a few words pop up in your mind seemingly out of nowhere, and they sweep away days, weeks, and sometimes months of indecisiveness.


I call these experiences “MOMENTS OF ETERNITY,” because for a fraction of time we manage to connect to a portion of ourselves that is infinitely wise and exists beyond time… 
Some people call it 'the' “higher self,” or the soul. But whatever you call it, this dimension of YOU has all answers and the power to help you rise above any challenge.


This book is a collection of 365 empowering ideas divided into 12 topics of exploration - one for each month, such as Love & Relationships; Happiness; Meaning; Fear & Courage; Choice; Purpose; Self-worth; Present Past & Future; Spirituality; Success; Facing Challenges; Clarity. So that every day you have a chance to ponder and maybe actualize these ideas.


They will help you to re-establish that powerful connection, allowing you to go through whatever challenge you are facing. Making it so that you will experience, at least once a day, a deep sense of clarity and “knowingness.”


How The Book Came "Through" Me...

In the last three years, I witnessed what I consider to be an extraordinary “transmission,” in the form of thoughts coming through me from a not clearly identified and yet infinitely wise source.


It seems to me it occurred in response to the many questions I had always asked myself regarding all key areas of life.


Pretty soon, I felt compelled to share these nuggets of wisdom every day on social media, and people started to tell me how this knowledge had profoundly reshaped their life, offering valuable guidance on a daily base, with perfect synchronicity.


I have to say it has been a fascinating and challenging process, considering that I am Italian and that a few years back I only had a basic knowledge of the English language. And yet I felt this was the language I was supposed to use to share these ideas.


In retrospect, I understand why, for reasons that at the time were incomprehensible, I felt the urge to study this language just before this journey started.


When the process began, I thought that these ideas were just meant to be a starting point for a book based on the further exploration of these concepts, but later, I understood that these words of wisdom were meant to be shared exactly as they came through.


I would say that many of these ideas could have been better expressed by changing some words here and there, and certainly, the style I used is not the one of a native English speaker (which I am not).


Nevertheless, I was strongly suggested by the people who had been exposed to this knowledge, not to correct them or polish them up, as their transformative power seemed to descend specifically from their “roughness.” And that was exactly their strength, I was told.


Their unusual and straightforward style somehow had the power to break through pre-establish thought patterns more easily than if they were written in a more conventional way.


Therefore, I surrendered to the idea of sharing this knowledge as it came through because I realize that this was not meant to be an aesthetic exercise of literature, but a practical, informal, and yet very powerful conversation.


A conversation between you and your soul.


As genuine and authentic as it can be. As “rough” as it came through.

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