What does it mean to live on purpose?

There was a time when I thought that working in the field of personal growth made me more spiritual than those having a “regular” job.

Then I realized that it is only the level of passion that you infuse in what you do that qualifies the experience as “spiritual.”

That is true whether you consider yourself to be spiritual or not, religious or atheist. And even if that is not even an issue for you. In fact, you could be an atheist and yet have a deeper “spiritual” experience than a priest because you are more engaged with the fullest of your being in what you do.

Why is passion so important?

Because it originates from a collective desire to have something expressed through you to others, through the very thing that you are so inspired to do.

It cannot be selfish. It always serves you as well as the whole.

So even the choice of feeding people, or helping those who are in great difficulty, as valuable and noble as it may be, won't allow you to offer your best contribution to the world unless you are genuinely passionate about it.

In fact, if you do it just because “it’s the right thing to do,” it won’t have a strong effect.

You are better off devoting your life to what you are genuinely passionate about, and then let the fruits of that help others.

A good example is offered by people like Bill Gates, or Angelina Jolie, who first surrendered to their highest calling of becoming a successful entrepreneur and an actress, and then, when helping others became their true calling, they were able to make a major difference in those people's life.

Had they chosen to help others immediately, instead of following their true calling, they wouldn’t have been able to have such a significant impact.

So, let your passion drive you where you need to go, without overanalyzing it.

Your ultimate calling won’t be revealed to you as a result of “brainstorming.”

Just like love, passion, at its highest expression, cannot be fully understood rationally.

In fact, if you feel drawn to something, without being able to explain it, it’s a good sign.

It means that your vision wasn’t conceived in the mind but beyond that.

People will immediately sense that “something” in your presence without needing much explanation on your behalf.

And you will see that “something” unfold, almost magically, for the benefit of all.

Including you.

(From "Daily Tips for Success & Fulfillment" - By Max Leone)

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