How to escape the Rat Race

It’s interesting how the internet was supposed to give us freedom, offering an alternative to the traditional concept of work. And yet, if you look at things like “internet marketing” it all seems like a recycled version of the old rat race coming through the back door.

In fact, we are once again asked to do things following pre-established patterns. It’s still based on the idea of separation between who we really are and what they say we need to do to support financially what we love doing.

In other words, being yourself, developing your natural talents and trusting what you are inspired to do is still not considered good enough.

You need to step out of that and do things the way the guru says.

No space for authenticity, you can’t trust your natural self, "let me tell you how you should do it," they say.

I don’t know about you, but haven’t you had enough about those videos that all start with, “Let me ask you one question…”. And blah, blah, blah. They are all the same!

I might be old school, but I still believe that the natural self, if we trust it, and we cultivate and develop its strengths, is enough to support fully the expression of who we are. Including the financial side.

And that’s the key to real, lasting, success and fulfillment.

I still believe that even if the false-faced that I'm invited to create accomplished something, it wouldn't be real success, if my true natural self is left behind.

At least, the traditional rat race took place in a working environment shared with other people.

Now it takes place in a room with you staring at a PC screen, maybe looking at a guru who tells you how you should be.

I don't mean to say that the internet is a bad thing. In fact, it's an excellent tool.

It is simply an invitation on my behalf to trust the natural self and to put the real you on the internet. Without losing your identity in the process.

Of course, you are meant to grow and to learn new things, but you do so by investing on your real self, not by developing a fake version of it.

That’s why I never share the obvious here. And not because I want to come across as different.

It’s just that I don’t feel the urge to conform because I do trust my real me.

So, if you have seen the film “Matrix,” I'll use that as a metaphor and say that I'm gonna take the red pill, and not the blue one.

The one that merely promises truth and meaning, and asks me to trust my authentic self. And I'll see where that takes me. Rather than the “blue pill” that asks me to leave my natural self behind to put a mask for the sake of conformity. So that I can reach, they say, outer success (to the expenses of my inner world...).

Why would I make that choice?

Because without my natural self, whatever I managed to “accomplish” would feel meaningless.

Whereas, if the two of us stick together, wherever we end up, it’s a win!

(From "Daily Tips for Success & Fulfillment" - By Max Leone)

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